Ignite environmental responsibility in educational institutions! Our Circular Economy Program awareness training for schools and colleges introduces sustainable practices, waste reduction strategies, and the significance of recycling. Join us in shaping a generation that values and champions a greener, more eco-friendly future.


RWA in Bakhari Colony, Faridabad

Sterlink Residency, Dollars Colony, Bangalore

RWA, Valley View Residency, Dehradun

RWA, Sahasdhara Residency, Dehradun

RWA in Deep Colony, Dehradun

RWA, Damla Kishanpur, Yamuna Nagar

Chironwali Colony, Dehradun

Arumparthapuram Bazaar, Pondicherry


Govt. Middle School, Ranchi

Shashkiy Madhmik Shala, Raipur

Global High School, Vijaywada

Devi SVS High School, Vijaywada

Dev Public School, Ahmedabad

Chennai Urdu School, Chennai

Govt. Higher Secondary School, Variety Hall Road, Coimbatore

Shaskiy Purv Madhmik Shala, Raipur