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How can you sell your scrap?

Select Your Product

Explore 50+ diverse categories on our application.

Choose your convenience

Pick the date and time for scrap collection right at your doorstep.

Receive Payment

Receive payments seamlessly via UPI, bank transfers, and digital wallets.

What we do after picking up
your scrap?

After picking up your scrap materials from your doorstep, we transport them to our specialized collection centres, where each product is meticulously sorted and categorized. Once the sorting process is complete, we ensure that your scrap is sent to environmentally friendly recycling facilities. By choosing us, you contribute to a sustainable future and responsible waste management.

How we are making a difference towards the Environment?

By placing an order via Clean2Green app, you play an important role in conserving resources and reducing waste in a sustainable way.

Conserve Resources

Reduce Landfill Pressure
Reduce Pollution
Sustainable Practices
Awareness and training
Circular Take-Back

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