#PlasticSeAzaadi to Save Humanity

#PlasticSeAzaadi to Save Humanity A quote by Wendell Berry, ‘The Earth is all what we have in common’ is a constant reminder to me that I, as an individual, I must do my bit in the fight for #PlasticSeAzaadi. Plastic has an apocalyptic impact to our planet. It is found that, on an average, approximately 500 gms[1] of solid waste is generated per day per person in India, of which almost 8%[2] is plastic – the biscuit wrappers, straws, plastic cups, grocery


World Environment Day

World Environment Day The earth is what we all have in common…. This quote resonates so strongly with my personal view on how each and every one of us, individually and as a community, are deeply interconnected through one common thread –of being human beings! And so, the primary onus of saving the planet that has made life possible falls on our shoulders alone. With this year’s World Environment Day theme being “Ecosystem Restoration”, I feel it is time to saddle up


Clean to Green on Wheels

Clean to Green on Wheels No great achievement is possible without persistent work. ~ Bertrand Russell These words resonate strongly in my mind as I congratulate the entire RLG team that has worked diligently in bringing a mere thought to life through our latest ground-breaking e-waste awareness and collection programme “Clean to GreenTM on Wheels” under our flagship campaign, Clean to GreenTM (C2G). I am so proud of this team for working persistently and dedicatedly towards realizing the company’s vision of creating


E-Waste Practices in India versus Developed Countries

E-Waste Practices in India versus Developed Countries The onset of digital era has created a unique situation – providing growth opportunities across industries, whilst drastically increasing the use of electronic equipment. What environmentalists and organizations are now realizing is that accelerated technology upgradation leads to discarding of old electronics, in turn adding to the rising e-waste problem. I recently read some alarming statistics relating to the increasing global issue of electronic waste generation –in 2019 alone, the world generated 53.6 million tonnes

Reshaping the Education Environment for a Better Tomorrow

Reshaping the Education Environment for a Better Tomorrow Oft is said that a child begins her journey of learning much before she has taken her first steps. In fact, it is a fact that the early years of a child’s life are a period of tremendous brain development. Transcending this fact, especially with the girl child I strongly consider education of the girl child to be an integral part of the education ecosystem. In fact, Mahatma Gandhi referred to it