Remember to do the do's before recycling E-waste
Look for the life cycle of your product in the manual and ensure timely recycling.
Ensure that you hand over e-waste at the designated collection centres.
Keep a check on the incentive you are entitled to from brands for handing-over e-waste.
Accumulate only those electronics that need to be handed-over to the brand or registered recycler.
Once scrap parts are handed over to you after replacement, dispose of them responsibly in the e-waste drop box located at the service centre.
Bear in mind that as an individual we all have a responsibility towards our environment’s conservation.
Connect with us on the mentioned Toll-Free Number for any query about our Take-Back program.
Things to avoid when recycling e-waste products
Do not discard electronics into any garbage bin. It must be disposed of in designated bins only.
Do not sell e-waste to scrap dealers or unauthorised agents.
Do not dispose of e-waste in a landfill.
Do not open unused electronics without expert supervision, as it can be hazardous.
Do not cut-open parts or components without a brand representative’s supervision.
Health Effects

As formal e-waste recyclers are hard to find in our country, a structured e-waste ecosystem is critical for a sustainable future. It is important to know the effects of disposing of e-waste irresponsibly on our environment as it beckons the need for collective effort to build awareness and sustainable management systems.

When electronics are discarded irresponsibly, they end up in landfills and result in toxic metals leaching into our groundwater. This threatens the integrity of our natural resources.

Openly heating e-waste is a common practice followed by un-registered users or scrap dealers. The toxic chemicals released due to this practice, damage our atmosphere and pose a serious threat to our daily lives.

To know more on the health effects of disposing e-waste irresponsibly, call us on our Toll Free No 18001031460.


Improper handling, accidental damage and improper recycling of electronics at their end of life cycle have consequences.

If batteries are not properly disposed of:

  • They can cause harm to human health or the environment
  • Placing of batteries in heating devices, such as microwave ovens, stoves and their improper recycling may result in explosions
  • It could lead to a fire, in case the battery terminals come in contact with metal objects
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