#PlasticSeAzaadi to Save Humanity

A quote by Wendell Berry, ‘The Earth is all what we have in common’ is a constant reminder to me that I, as an individual, I must do my bit in the fight for #PlasticSeAzaadi.

Plastic has an apocalyptic impact to our planet. It is found that, on an average, approximately 500 gms[1] of solid waste is generated per day per person in India, of which almost 8%[2] is plastic – the biscuit wrappers, straws, plastic cups, grocery bags, etc., that we dump in the dustbin as they are not reusable.

This waste has slowly but surely been causing irreparable damage to our Mother Earth. It is destroying our marine life and has been contributing to creation of massive landfills for years.

Gone is the time for words, for personal agendas, it is the time to take pledge fight a common enemy – Plastic!

A simple change in our mind sets can bring a positive change in our world. Let us use steel, copper and glass utensils, jute and cloth bags as well as recycle plastic waste to reduce our plastic footprint.

Today we have taken a baby step towards the cause, with the goal to build a greener planet by formulating responsible ways of recycling. Our Clean to Green Society (C2G), has today launched a Reverse Vending Machine at Select CITYWALK, Saket, New Delhi, as its first project that would ensure a sustainable and tech-enabled PET takeback mechanism, thus promoting safe disposal and recycling of PET bottles.

There are a million ways in which we can make a difference by making small changes in our daily lives. This Independence day, let’s take a pledge #PlasticSeAzaadi!

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